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Buying Christmas presents made easy

Buying Christmas presents

Buying Christmas presents

Many people wait until the very last minute to select and buy Christmas presents. This is an unfortunate fact of life.

If you wait until the last possible moment, you either spend too much, or settle for something that could be less appreciated than intended. For years, the L C B O has been selecting wines and spirits that are packaged in attractive boxes and or bottles that visually please.

Each package contains glasses for you to appreciate the contents (well most but not all).
This year’s selection is decidedly less exciting that those I remember tasting a few years ago.
If you have a friend or family member who appreciate tasty alcoholic beverages, one of the recommendations below will save you a lot of time, and may even cost less than you would spend for something that may be less appreciated.

These brands are generally made available in major stores in Ontario. Shop early to avoid disappointment.

Fortified wine

LBV Port, 2010, Taylor and Fladgate, Douro Valley, Portugal
Comes in an attractive box with two glasses.
$ 24.95

Sparkling wines

Crystal, L. Roederer, Champagne France
An impressive box with a beautifully designed bottle.
$ 294.95


The Original 10 Years Old, Glenmorangi, Scotland
The bottle is presented in an attractive box with two specially designed glasses.
No price indicated

Straight Rye Whiskey, Yellow Rose Distillery, Kentucky, U S A
Plain bottle, but very appealing spirit 92/100
$ 79.95

Plantation Anejo Rum, Guatemala
Plain bottle. Smooth and flavourful rum.
$ 38.80

Compass Box, Great King Street, Glasgow, Scotland
Plain bottle. Tasty and smoky Scotch.
$ 57.45

Grey Goose VX Vodka, France
Gift packaged. Flat beautifully designed bottle. Very smooth and mild vodka.
$ 100.00

El Dorado Reserve 15 year Old Rum, Guyana
Plain bottle. The rum is of a dark colour, caramel smell, smooth and with a long finish.
$ 59.60

Hendrick’s Gin, United Kingdom
Stout bottle in a plain box with a recipe booklet.
Very delicate and elegant gin.
375 ml. $ 28.95

Medallion Old Fine Cognac V S O P, Martell, Cognac, France
Comes in a plain box, but the cognac itself is very elegant, light and smooth with a hint of caramel.
$ 99.50

Mozart Liqueur Set Of Three
(3 50 ml Bottles filled with chocolate cream, dark chocolate, and vanilla and cream.
Enjoy after dinner with a cup of coffee.
$ 14.95


Rioja Gran Reserva, 2005, Burdon
Dark red, full bodied with a lot of extract and depth. It is spicy, with layered flavours to complement flavourful dishes.
$ 22.95

Reserva Malbec, 2014, Santa Julia, Argentina
Fruity, medium bodied, elegant, with good depth
Price not listed

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