Café Belong – Toronto.

Café BelongCafé Belong

“ Food is fuel. Food is medicine. Food is love”.

Brad Long

Café Belong opened for its soft-opening phase a few weeks ago, yet the food and service are delivered by a young, cheerful, and quietly knowledgeable staff. They seem to care for the well being of their patrons. All are well informed about the food they serve and advise the first-time guest carefully pointing out the portion size in an attempt to prevent over ordering.

The location itself is unique in that the whole complex of buildings was once a brickwork’s which has been converted to a charitable organization to help preserve nature.

Every weekend there is a farmers market, offering the freshest possible local vegetables and fruits. The restaurant uses as much as possible the produce from the market.

There is ample pay parking.

Café Belong, owned and operated by chef Brad Long occupies a corner of a building. The design is modern, minimalist and utilitarian. The dining room is well illuminated.

The all-day menu is short, but each dish has been carefully selected and prepared.

The soup du jour is always exceptional in quality, taste, texture and presentation

Main courses range from seared flank steak, chickpeas Moroccan style for vegans, to frittata large enough to feed two. It comes with a delicious mixed salad. No iceberg lettuce here.

All parties are produces in-house by the pastry chef Andrea Mut who displays care in preparation and imagination in presentation.

Hearty food offered with respect and care can be obtained here.

Café Belong uses locally grown food to the extent possible.

Brad Long delivers according to his philosophy as quoted at the beginning of this review.

550 Bayview Avenue. Reservations not required as of yet.

Café Belong


  1. Scott al

    What a delight. Excellent food/service. A raw atmosphere for real foodies. Will be possibly one of the top ten places to eat in Canada in the future.

  2. Scott al

    The insightfullness of your deep ” I don’t like it” comment is refreshing…therefore, go back to Burger King…where you no doubt appreciate the chemicals in the food that have obviously affected you thought process.