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Wine lovers everywhere know that malbec originated in Cahors, a region located south of Armagnac, in France.

Malbec achieves its best flavour and aging potential on the terroirs of this warm region.

Cahors malbec wines display aromatic complexity, are full-bodied, firm, and endowed with ripe tannins. Some offer flavours of black currants, cherries, and liquorice, with hints of truffles, oak, and eucalyptus, and smells of violets.

Long before malbec appeared on Bordeaux’s vineyards, it was popular with English consumers, and immortalized since the Middle Ages by pilgrims, popes, and kings, and tsars.

First planted by Roman legionnaires 2000 years ago, word of the quality of Cahors wines spread throughout the then known world. Cover time, competition from Bordeaux, natural disasters, the arrival of phylloxera vastatrix, and heavy taxation, caused demand to drop.

In 1971 A.O.C (Appellation d’origine Controllee) classification was obtained, and now Cahors boasts 21 000 hectares of malbec, which represents approximately 10 per cent of world’s malbec production.


Cahors malbec is now exported to 30 coteries around the world.

In the 1980’s, ingenious winemakers invented microboulage micro aeration) whish succeeds in reducing tannin content, and renders the wine pleasing earlier than before.

Cahors is rich in history; with beautiful landscapes and restaurants that feature roasted or grilled game, lamb, and duck, seasonal evegatbles and cheeses, along with stupendous malbecs to wash them down.

Malbec is now planted in Argentina, Chile, the U.S.A, and Australia. In these terroirs it yields respectable wines, especially in Argentina’s Mendoza.


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