“Cairo’s La Trattoria & the Mystery of Fettucine Salmone”

La Trattoria

“Cairo’s La Trattoria & the Mystery of Fettucine Salmone”

By: Lauren K. Clark

It is one of many cultural havens in an oasis, where the term “migration”
is re-vamped, and the world of Italy travels into an Egyptian island, a
neighborhood surrounded by the silent whispers of the Nile River.  Often deemed a hidden viewpoint by those who have missed its presence, the restaurant of La Trattoria has made its way as “reference point” for Egyptians, and the international community alike, who wish to taste the succulence of Italian cuisine.

Fine Italian wines, pastas, salads, and other fascinating delicacies, La Trattoria
exudes and environment where visitors can engulf Italian eateries, while also
alluding to the rhythmic sounds of blues, jazz, and R&B.  And of course, the
wall’s breath of visible artwork brings forth the Parisian allure.

Many cuisines of La Trattoria add their own unique touch, leaving you
wanting to stay in this Italian sanctuary. As your eyes roam from side to side
garnering the menu, you become intrigued by the imagination of all the gifts
that Italy has to offer. And then it hits you. . .thick, lavish, fettuccine pasta, with it’s touch of ivy-green pesto sauce, accompanied by intricate slices of smoked salmon, whose moisture leaves you in wanting to lazily savor every segment of it’s being.  Such a delightful presentation leaves visitors in wanting to admire this peculiar masterpiece.  The intertwinement of pesto and fettuccine brings forth an auspicious aura, where the greenery of Mother Nature shows her austere presence.
Feeling satisfied, and rejuvenated, you are sure to find pleasure in the texture of Italian, red wine—a pleasure of adding the final decoration to this edible painting!

It becomes alluring in its own essence to; all the while embodying an added sculpture to the Italian realms which embodies the setting of La Trattoria.  Such an alluring dish leaves, and leads, visitors into pursuing other edible, Italian discoveries.  It embodies what it means to “taste” the life and breath of Italy, and continues to lure in the curious, who are open to the entrancement!

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