California cuisine

California cuisine

Of all the states in the U S A, California grows the most varied fruits ands vegetables. This beautiful and warm state enjoys an abundance of produce tat is the envy of all others in the union.

Californians are adventurous and have appreciative palates. They seek the unusual experiment and enjoy spending time at the table.

To a Californian, food means pleasure. Californians like the French, they live to eat and not the other way around.

The spirit of adventure that chefs from all over the world living and practicing their craft here, invented the California cuisine, combining elements of the New World with the Old, blending the tastes of Asia, Europe and Latin America.

California cuisine reflects a unique view of modern food. It is light, colourful, always fresh, imaginative, and flavourful.

Herbs rule, spices play second fiddle.

Here chefs are not afraid to put pineapple, ham, chicken or even sturgeon caviar on pizza.

There are enough curiosity and money around Los Angeles where thousands of restaurants thrive serving eclectic food. People in Wyoming or North Dakota would never dare to dream of such menus.

If you want to experience fine food, go to San Francisco, or Los Angles, or Napa Valley.

Here the restaurant French Laundry, Moet et Chandon’s restaurant, Alice Waters, and many others feature local seasonal produce and Pacific seafood.

Alice Waters helped revive interest in heirloom tomatoes and paired them with goat cheese from Sonoma County nest door. Chiffonade of basil is used to accentuate the flavour of tomatoes.

Much like northern African chefs, Californians mix nuts with meat, and contrast flavours by spices gleaned from Moroccan housewives.

Where else would you find dates in spinach salad, in roasted beets, stuffed with goat cheese, coriander crusted pork tenderloin and skewered lamb?

Here are a few imaginative California combinations; Asiago with black truffle stuffed baby potatoes, Bartlett pear carpaccio salad, tomato arroncini, wild rice profitorels, stir fried broccoli with chili flakes and cashew nuts, pomegranate braised lamb shanks, fig strudel with walnut gelato?

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