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California & Florida Hot Beds for Home Custom Wine Cellars.

Love wine? Join the Growing Home Wine Cellar Trend Amongst California & Florida Wine Enthusiasts.

Wine enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes.  For some, their love of wine can become a home enhancement feature.  Converting an entire room into a custom wine cellar is not a small undertaking but the rewards are many fold.

Both California and Florida, traditional hotbeds of wine consumption, in wine bars and wine parties are major hotspots Live in Miami and would like to build a wine cellar? – click here to get help!for the domestic wine cellar market.  Taking an underused room and fitting it out with wine racks, a dedicated climate controlled system, a purpose built door and special lighting, is a growing trend amongst both the young and trendy as well as the wealthy.

Check out these examples of stunning residential custom wine cellars recently completed in Orange County, California and West Palm Beach, near Miami in South Florida.

Contemporary Custom Wine Closet Miami Florida

Near Miami, the Florida West Palm Beach project is a contemporary closet wine room conversion.  It is a great an example of what can be created in a modern home with only limited available space.  Note the mix of display row racking, diamond bin storage and regular 750ml racks, all finished in a deep lacquered luster.  The concealed wine cellar lighting clearly makes the room a stunning feature in the home.

Residential Custom Wine Cellar Orange County, California

Live in California and would like to kick off your own wine cellar project? – click here to get free design!The Laguna Beach, Orange County, California project, while a bit more traditional, shows what can be done with a small but unused and odd shaped room.  Making use of an old dry sauna, this wine enthusiast created a room to hold his 550 bottle wine collection.  Completed, it also serves as a fun entertainment and serving room.  On this project note the special lighting in the high reveal display rows and the serving arch, all in unfinished redwood.  It’s no wonder the owner looks happy, who wouldn’t?

Both of these cellar conversions have special wine cellar refrigeration systems which maintain the wine at a steady 57 degrees, ideal for aging a valuable wine collection.  In addition they have custom wine cellar doors specially designed to seal the room’s environment and maintain efficiency.

If you are considering your own conversion project always be sure to work with an experienced wine cellar builder who understands the special insulation and vapor barrier needs of a custom wine cellar.

Whether your passion is for collecting wines from around the world, from such places as the New Zealand Pinot Noir II featured recently at Wines World, or from California, equivalent to a country in its own right for wine production, we think you will agree that adding a dedicated wine room could make a stunning addition to your home.

Article by Jerry Wilson who has been designing and building wine cellars for over 10 years Google+