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make your wine

The establishment called FERMENTATIONS , on Danforth Avenue, Toronto, helps you to enjoy wine at a reasonable cost.

Thousands of people make wine at home, using grape juice concentrates, but you need space, equipment and time to produce an enjoyable product.

Fewer, more ambitious home winemakers buy grapes, crush them and ferment the liquid. The skins of the red grapes are pressed after the fermentation is completed for blending the free run juice.

Generally, your efforts may result in success, but occasionally your efforts may turn out to be disappointing.

Last year, I was invited to taste home made wines, and must admit that some were as tasty and balanced as commercial products that cost three to four times as much.

FERMENTATIONS is a storefront operation that facilitates your homemade wine ambitions.

Charles Fajgenbaum , the owner, travels to Spain just before the harvest and helps harvest the grapes and selects lots that please him.  After de-stemming the grapes are frozen placed in pales and shipped to Toronto.

When the lot arrives in Toronto it is thawed, and ready for processing.

You can choose grapes from Niagara Peninsula, Spain, or Chile.

White grapes are – vidal, viognier, chardonnay, riesling, gewürztraminer, grenache blanc or blends.

For red wines the choice is larger consisting of merlot, tempranillo, syrah, cabernet sauvignon, carignan and several possibilities of blends.

Once you choose the variety, the staff presses the grapes and ferments the juice.

When the wine is ready for bottling you go there and bottle you wine.


You can buy one lot (26 bottles) or triple.

Once you have paid FERMENTATIONS starts the process.

Price are as follows; one lot pending on grape variety

$ 190.00 to $ 225.00, and triple, $ 500.00 to $ 600.00 (as of December 2017)

The staff, including the owner are knowledgeable, and enthusiastic ready to advise and guide.

I tasted a selection of white and red wines and found them to be enjoyable.

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