Canada's National Parks.

National Parks

European nations were the first to establish national parks to provide at least some sanctuary for nature lovers from overcrowded cities.

Europe, with the exception of Scandinavian countries, is overcrowded. One can hardly find solitude around cities, and even where there is uncultivated or agriculturally used land, hardly will you be able to commune with true nature and wilderness.

North American politicians with the help and prompting from nature-loving people saw the benefit of establishing national parks to preserve at least a little nature. At the time, North America was not as densely populated as it is now.

Even now both Canada and the U.S.A have population densities that are far lower than European countries in general

In addition to National parks in Canada, every province has provincial parks, that are a somewhat smaller than their national counterparts.

Canadian National Parks are protected areas grouped into, Parks, National Marine Conservation Areas, and one National Landmark.

Canada being the second largest country in the world (9,984,670 km2), has a population of approximately 34 million, and most live within a band of 100 kilometres from the US border. The rest of the country experiences extremely cold winters and short summers that few people can adapt to such harsh climatic conditions.

The first Canadian national Park (Banff National park)

was established in 1885 and contains a city.

It is the most famous of all Canadian national parks and arguably the most beautiful, but certainly the easiest to access.

Yoho National Park in British Columbia was the second established in 1886.

All provinces and territories have national parks.

British Columbia with seven has the most, followed by Ontario with six, and Alberta five.

Canadian National Parks are very large, the largest being Quittinirpaaq, Nuanvut with 37 775 kilometres2 followed by Nahanni, Northwest Territories with 30 000 km2.

Quittirpaaq, Nunavut is larger than Armenia (29 473 km2), Albania (28 748 km2), Israel (20 770 km2), and even Belgium (30 526 km2).

No need to compare Andorra (468 km2), The Holy Sea (.44km2), Liechtenstein (160 km2), Monaco (2 km2) that are lilliputian in comparison.

Once you are in British Columbia, you can easily access Yoho National park and Kluane In Yukon (also a reserve) in Northwest Territories.

Crossing the border to Alberta travelling east, Banff National Park is the easiest to access, followed by Jasper and Waterton.

National Parks in Northwest Territories, and Nunavut are best explored in organized groups in rafts.

All Canadian national Parks are well-maintained, organized and wroth visiting.

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National Parks

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