Canary Islands Produce Fine Wines


This group of seven islands of which Lanzarota, La Palma, Gran Canary, El Hierro, La Gomera boast 10 appellations on their 10 000 hectares of vineyards. Their wines were famous for their flavour and sweetness in Shakespearean England.

Europe’s highest vineyards are located on the slopes of El Feide (an

extinct volcano). The peak of El Feide is 3178 metres.

Canary islands have never been affected by the phylloxera vastatrix like those of Cyprus in eastern Mediterranean Sea, and Chile in South America.

Some grape growers have overcome the high summer temperatures at sea level by planting on high altitudes.

While in the 20th century Canary Islands wines were mediocre at best, and mostly consumed by millions of German tourist, today several wineries produce very fine red and white wines.
The Canaries used to be famous for their sweet malvasia-based wines. English consumers famously like “sweet” or off dry wines, although younger consumers prefer dry or minimally off dry wines.

Canaries 10 appellations boast some very fine and enticing wines that are exported to a number of countries, albeit not to Canada.

Malvasia was once planted on La Palma’s vineyards, much like assyrtiko on the Geek island of Santorini, to take advantage of the humidity of winds from the Atlantic.

Canaries located off the coast of North Africa, namely, Morocco, on latitude north 28.

Malvasia is still made in a range of styles from dry to deliriously sweet.

Other white grapes planted are – listan, palomino fino, vijaregio, marmajullo, albillo, sobra, and verdelho (aka verdelho) and gual (aka bual) on the island of Madeira,

For red wines, growers like listan negro, baboso, and negro tintilla.
Solis are volcanic dominated by clay and sand.
Modern Canary wine labels and packaging are eye-catching, no doubt to appeal to tourists.
Some of the better quality Canary wineries are exported to the United Kingdom, and the U.S.
The best wineries are – Bermejo, Envinate, El Penitente, Suertes de Marques, Tajinaste, and Aguere.

All offer tours and free tastings.