A Sake Primer

Sake is the favourite alcoholic beverage of Japanese. Contrary to what most people believe, sake is brewed, although it looks completely unlike western style beer. Sake has become a trendy sipper, but there is more to its growing popularity than mere urban chic. Elegant, subtle and delicious chilled premium sake […]


Rare Whiskies and Other Spirits

Rare whiskies of all sorts now enjoy an unprecedented popularity among young and old wealthy consumers, and liquor control boards everywhere in Canada, but particularly in Ontario, and Quebec import some for spirit drinkers to experience taste sensations they never had before. Recently, the team at the L.C.B.O in charge […]

Spirits Wine


Long before British people started to drink wine, cider was the preferred alcoholic beverage along with ale. England is a large apple producer. The juice any fruit fermented is called cider (except the grape) but over time cider has come to mean (fermented apple juice), and perry (fermented pear juice). […]

Toronto Star’s Food and Drink Show
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Toronto Star’s Food and Drink Show in Toronto- A Show for Eating, Drinking and Shopping

This annual food and drink fest starts on April 10 at the Direct Energy Centre, Canadian National Exhibition grounds. This year, organizers offer food preparation demonstrations, a farmer’s market, food truck alley of several food trucks, plus exhibitors will promote their products (craft breweries, wineries, spice imports, sausage and mustard […]

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British Public Houses (Pubs)

Public houses (Pubs) are drinking establishments in the culture of Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and Denmark. In British villages a pub can be, and often is, the focal point attracting regulars to meet, enjoy a pint or two of ale, and debate or discuss local or world politics. The history […]