Champagne – world most luxurious sparkler

Sparkling wines

When the clock strikes at midnight on December 31 sparkling wine corks pop almost all over the world. Indulge a little this season with the world’s most luxurious sparkling wine.

There are few things in life that exemplify luxury and style with immediacy, one of them the gold standard metaphor for quality; it has the allure that transcends cultural barriers. Merely sipping a fine glass of champagne makes anyone feel like royalty, and elevates the tone of the occasion.

Behind the glamour lies famously labour-intensive the Champagne process, and strict aging regulations that have been often imitated, modified, but never successfully duplicated. (While the manual riddling of each bottle has now been largely relegated to specially designed and manufactured machines, the product still tastes fine and elegant as before).

There is no other region in the world that is dedicated exclusively to the production of a single type of wine . (There is a still red wine from Bouzy in the region, but produced in such small quantities and consumed locally that it plays no role even in the region, let alone internationally).

Champagne is a wine of this single-minded focus on elegance and refinement. However, other regions is France and all over the world produce sparkling wines including Loire, Alsace, Burgundy, Limoux (all in France), Germany, the United Kingdom, the U S A, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Spain, Italy, Russia, and Canada.

The United Kingdom is now competing with Champagne, and in Canada Benjamin Bridge in Nova Scotia was successful in creating sparkling wines of notable quality. Ontario, and British Columbia also produce fine sparkling wines worthy of attention.

When 2016 starts to fade, ring in 2017 with a bottle of fine champagne, and if you are looking for less expensive alternatives, to celebrate history try any of the suggestions below.

(Be careful when opening a sparkler, the cork is under pressure and flies out of the bottle with great speed (65 kilometres) enough to injure if it hits you).

Here are a few suggestions:

Brut Premier Champagne, Louis Roederer,
Brut Vintage Champagne, 2004, Veuve Cliquot,
Rose Grand Cru Lallier,
Blanc de Blancs Champagne, Château de Bligny,
Dom Perginon 2004, Moet et Chandon,
Metamorphosis Rose 2004,
Cuvee Belle Epoque Brut, 2006, Perrier et Jouet.

You can also try any of the following.

They are less expensive and can be as satisfying as champagne if you are an occasional wine drinker.

Riddled , 2009, Flat Rock Cellars, Ontario
Entourage Grand Reserve brut, 2011, Jackson-Triggs, Ontario
Reserve brut Sparkling, 2009, Benjamin Bridge, Nova Scotia
Sparkling Mehtode Traditionelle, 2008, Josef Chromy, Tasmania, Australia
Elyssia Gran Reserva Cuvee Brut, Freixenet, San Sadurni di Noya, Spain