Charming Eouropean Tourist Destinations


Tourists, at least those who like small, quaint, old towns full of historical buildings and cultural treasures, are always drawn to these rare and stimulating destinations.

Many are in Europe, and easily accessible, but there are hundreds, if not thousands, elsewhere in the world that qualify as charming and of historical interest.

When visiting Brussels, a beautiful city in its own right, make a one-day trip to Bruges (Brugge) in Flanders. The city brims with Gothic buildings, and is criss crossed with canals. Horse-drawn carriages can be hired and ride comfortably through the old town.

The market place in the middle of Bruges is full of characteristic buildings and many quaint restaurants serving local specialties and locally brewed beers.

The citizens of Bruges love their chocolatiers delicate and delicious creations.

It is worth visiting this town if stay there for a few nights, but one day will suffice for you to see and experience it.

Cesky Krumlow is one of the most beautiful towns of Bohemia in the Czech republic. Located on the Vltava River, the town is home to many renaissance era elegant buildings.

The town’s narrow streets are lined with inviting cafes, pubs, restaurants, souvenir shops, and art establishments.

The views from the medieval castle affords an excellent view of the town, well worth a visit or day trip from Prague.

Obidos, Portugal, a remnant of Moorish past, an hour’s ride, is a picture perfect town.

The town’s romantic appeal has been an obvious since the 13th century, when King Dinis gave his wife Queen Isabel, the town, as a wedding gift.

The narrow cobbled streets with white-washed houses are magnets for tourists eager to explore old towns.

Visit the turreted castle overlooking vineyards and windmill-dotted hills, and enjoy a coffee, or a glass of local wine.

Do not neglect to visit the renaissance-era Santa Maria Church to admire blue-and white tiles, a specialty of Portugal

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, is one of the best, if not the best, preserved medieval town of Germany.

Located on the Romatic Road that starts in Wurzburg and ends in Fussen stretching 350 kms. Rothenburg’s founding date goes back to 905 A D. The impressive Town Hall was built in 1250. Now, around the Town Hall Square, restaurants an hotels clustered to make it easier for tourists to enjoy the medieval feel. The town has four museums of which the Museum of Criminal punishment displays devices used from the beginning to present day. This is an absolutely delightful town to visit.


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