Cherry Heering – The Epitome of Cherry Liqueurs.

Cherry HeeringCherry Heering

Imaginative monks in search of natural remedies, were the first to produce liqueurs.  They knew the power of herbs, fruits and alcohol.

Liqueurs are fragrant, smooth, mostly sweet, relatively low in alcohol, and have the ability to uplift the mood.  Mostly, stone fruits and berries form the base of liqueurs.  Although French and Dutch manufacturers enjoy worldwide reputation, Denmark’s Peter Heering ranks first in cherry liqueur category.

Cherry liqueurs come in two categories: Peter Heering and the rest.  Of all cherry liqueurs produced in the world, Cherry Heering stands out. While many other manufacturers produce cherry liqueurs, as far as I am concerned, Peter Heering is the best, most flavorful, and unique.

For a long time, I wanted to visit the production facilities of Peter Heering.  When the opportunity presented itself to visit the plant, I jumped at it. The management even made its luxury chauffeur-driven limousine available for the short 35-minute ride from Copenhagen to Dalby.

Peter F. Heering was established in 1818 in Copenhagen.  Though today it is a limited company, all shares are owned by fifth-generation members of the family.  The founder started as an apprentice in a grocery store in Copenhagen.  He proved to be a diligent, employee always striving, to provide more service than absolutely necessary.  After his apprenticeship had ended, he elected to remain in the establishment. Meanwhile, his master’s wife was producing a popular cherry liqueur only for sale in the store.

When Peter decided to start his own business, the wife of the store owner, to show her appreciation for all his extra efforts, gave him her secret cherry recipe, which to this day is being produced, unaltered.

Thanks to his production and marketing Peter Heering succeeded rapidly, and by 1876 the company was appointed official supplier to the Danish court.

Today, the company supplies the following royal households- United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the Danish court.

Located on a 28 hectare (75 acres) land where the cherry orchards surround the plant, 50 000 cherry trees are under contract; 2500 belong to the family.

The plant employs 180 people and has liberal social policies.  All employees enjoy five week of paid holidays, maternity leave for over 16 weeks, health insurance contributions and discounted lunches in the restaurant-like room.  In addition to- all these benefits, all enjoy company’s sports facilities, and each employee is given a party if his or her birthday falls on a workday.

Needless to say, employee turnover is almost nonexistent.

The plant’s modern design harmonizes with the landscape’s contour.  Its thatched roofs and low buildings echo a traditional Danish farm, but inside, the production facilities are most modern and immaculately clean.

The Cherry Heering is produced exclusively from the fruit grown in Dalby, where cherries thrive due to suitable terroir.

The ripe cherries are harvested, crushed, and macerated for a suitably long time in wooden upright barrels.  To this, alcohol, herbs and spices are added.  Next, the mixture is blended with sugar.  The liqueur is aged in huge barrels for an unspecified time.  When the master blender decides that the quality meets the Cherry Heering standard the product is bottled.

The final product combines an enchanting, vibrant red colour, superbly smooth texture, and exquisite taste.

Today, Peter Heering cherry liqueur is exported to 144 countries, with new export markets continually added.

The company also produces Kahlua liqueur under license, as well as many others.  Two of them are unique, UTU being an orange liqueur, and Ashanti Gold, a chocolate elixir, both of which are most enjoyable.  In addition to the above-mentioned products, Peter Heering produces a cherry wine (Kijafa), which can be enjoyed on its own, on the rocks, or mixed with soda water.

The management expanded operations by starting an import and distribution branch for wines as well as distilled products from around the world in an attempt to take advantage of the fleet of trucks.

Peter Heering is a versatile liqueur.  It improves cocktails and can be enjoyed on its own, with a fine cup of coffee, or on the rocks, or in cooking.

Peter Heering cocktail recipes

King Peter

One part Peter Heering
Two parts tonic water
Juice of lemon according to personal preference
In an old fashioned glass, put two or three ice cubes and pour ingredients over.

Duke’s Special

One part Peter Heering
Two parts Scotch whisky
In a 7 oz on-the-rocks glass pour both ingredients.
This drink can be served on, or off the rocks

Tivoli Special

One part Peter Heering
Two parts Ginger Ale
The juice of half a lemon
In a highball glass, place two or three ice cubes and pour ingredients over.

Heering Tradition

One part Peter Heering
Two parts gin
Place ice cubes in a shaker, pour ingredients, and shake well.  Pour drink into a whisky sour glass.

Food recipes

Delicious Blossom ice cream

(four portions)

Over a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream pour Peter Heering, and serve with a bisquit or wafer.

Peter Heering Parfait

(four portions)

two egg yolks
3 tbsp granulated sugar
4 tbsp Cherry Heering
250ml. (1 cup) whipping cream

Whip yolks over a double boiler vigorously.  When the colour of yolks starts changing to a light yellow and fluffy, add sugar gradually while beating constantly.  When the sugar has totally dissolved and small bubbles start appearing on the surface. Add cherry liqueur.  Remove mixture from the double boiler, place it into cold water and beat until it reaches room temperature.  At this stage the mixture will solidify.

Whip the cream to second stage (it forms peaks).
At this stage carefully blend the whipped cream into the mixture
Portion into parfait glasses and freeze for at least 4 – 6 hours.
This dessert will keep, up to two weeks.

Cherry Heering

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