Chicken on the Easiest, Best and Juiciest way.

Whole Roasted Chicken.



We are talking about whole roasted chicken and the best way to get it juiciest with crisp skin. This is the way to do it:










1. Set the oven on max temperature.
2. Marinated the chicken if you wish. We used paprika powder and olive oil this time.
3. Put the chicken on a grid with a roasting tin under with some water in it.
4. Roast for about an hour and some. We use about an hour and 10 min until it has that golden brown colour. Turn them after about 45 min.
5. Serve with rice/salad and a good wine.


I don’t think it can be done any simpler. If you have an oven with that rotating grill element DON’T use it, the juice from the chicken will only drip off.

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Roasted Chicken

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