Chinese wedding menus

Chinese wedding
Chinese wedding

Chinese weddings

are sumptuous occasions and are served family-style to tables set for 6, or 10 guests. In most cases, all the food is brought to the table and guests serve themselves using their chopsticks. If you as a North American or westerner are ever invited to a Chinese wedding, learn how to manipulate chopsticks. Chinese wedding menus contain dishes with which you may not be familiar. Don’t be shy, try each and see how you like them.

Here is a basic Chinese wedding menu

Roast suckling pig with jellyfish
Almond-coated shrimp mousse ball
Stir-fried scallops and chicken with Chinese greens
Braised bird’s nest with seafood and shredded chicken
Braised mushroom and sliced abalone with green vegetables
Crispy roasted chicken with lemon sauce
Stir-fried lobster with ginger and scallions
Seafood fried rice
Braised E-Fu noodle
Red beans with lotus seeds and lily bulbs.

A more elaborate menu contains the same dishes plus steamed fish with Soya dressing.
The rice course contains shrimp and chicken. The most elaborate menu the rice course contains scallops instead of shrimp and chicken and Whole abalone with Chinese greens.