Chocolate trivia

Chocolate trivia

• Chocolate sales peak just before Valentine’s Day, and is said to be the best food for couples

• Archaeologists claim that around 4000 B C; cacao trees were growing in the Orinoco Basin (Venezuela) and along the Amazon Rivers.

• Mayans were the first to cultivate the cocoa tree, but Aztecs, who took over from Mayans, invented the mystique around it.

• Chocolate was the first used as a drink, then made into a candy bar. It was moderately popular in the 18th century and really popularized by Fry and Sons when the company created a bar consisting of chocolate liqueur, chocolate, sugar and cocoa butter

• The Perugino “Bacio”, the lover’s chocolate, was invented in 1922 by Luisa Spagnoli. The formula is still the same as invented.

• The Torinese love chocolate and excel in its production. They are still the best Italian chocolate experts

• 100 grams of chocolate contains 500 calories. A human needs approximately 2500 calories daily. Men a little more than women.

• Chocolate quality and taste increases by increasing the proportion of chocolate butter.

• Chocolate contains up to 500 components and serotonin, palmitic-, oleic-, gallic-, stearic acid, polyethilamines, teobromin and endorphins. All contribute to health

• Chocolate contains a high percentage of phosphorus, polyphenols that act as antioxidants, acids that prevent atherochlorosis), feniletilamina which help increase heartbeat and blood pressure.

• 75 per cent of chocolate is purchased by women

• The darker the chocolate, the higher the cocoa content and the greater the proportion of antioxidants

• Inexpensive chocolate contains less coco butter, and more hydrogenated oils, that are harmful to your health

• Terroir of the cocoa tree is very important. It contributes to the taste and quality of the product.

• Criolla beans are considered to be superior to forastero, and trinitario

• The biggest importer of chocolate is the United Kingdom. The Netherlands is the biggest importer of cocoa beans in Europe is the Netherlands, and the biggest importer of cocoa powder is the U S A.

How to taste chocolate professionally

Much like wine, chocolate lovers attend tastings of different manufacturers and their brands

The difference between enjoying chocolate and tasting is – the former represents consumption, the latter consuming while evaluating flavour and texture any paying attention to both.

Always let the chocolate melt in your mouth, evaluate depth, and texture, and aftertaste.

Drink plenty of water between different brands.

Write your impressions down and after finishing each sample and after finishing all go back to the one you evaluated best to reconfirm your fist impression

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