CN Tower – The Revolving Restaurant at 351 Meters.

CN TowerCN Tower

This popular Toronto sight was the tallest structure in the world when planned and built in the 1970’s. Since then several buildings elsewhere in the world have surpassed its height but not its elegance and needle- shaped design.

Originally the CN Tower was designed as a communication hub for radio stations and sound services, along with two levels of food and beverage facilities, and an observation platform.

The rotating restaurant at 351 meters altitude competes a 360-degree turn every hour offering diners an overview of the city on the north, east and west. The Lake Ontario, the smallest of the Great Lakes, to the south stretches well into the northern border of the U.S.A. On clear days one can see the American shore. The restaurant is unique because you have to ride for a considerable time an express elevator after having been checked that you do not carry explosives and other lethal weapons.

Tables are relatively small and arranged on the window side of the round platform. A second row of tables is in the inner part of the platform sandwiched between the service aisle and the kitchen.

The CN Tower

restaurant serves dinner only from November to March and offers a short menu (10 appetizers, 10 main courses, 6 desserts), and two prix fixe composed from dishes on the menu. Vegetarians can opt for the specially designed dish.

The 9000 bottle 550 label wine cellar is the highest in the world at 351 meters above the lake level and maintained at 13 C (55F) constant temperature. The choice is vast with some emphasis on Ontario wines.

Service can be spotty when busy in the summer, and at the beginning of the season when new servers are hired. The kitchen is small, and much of the preparation takes place in the basement kitchen.

The food is as well prepared as possible in a small finishing kitchen, but all plates are imaginatively presented, and most of the time all arrive hot or cold as required.

Prices are high but considering additional expenses involves and incomparable view of the city, are considered reasonable.

It is busy enough to be the highest grossing restaurant in Canada.

Every tourist and visitor should at least once dine or have lunch at the CN Tower restaurant.

CN Tower

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