Cold weather beers


Cold weather beers

The best way to enjoy winter is to embrace it. Warm parkas, comfort foods, snowy Sunday afternoons – there is a lot to like about winter.

Beer is the most versatile of all alcoholic beverages. Over centuries, brewers have come up with hundreds of styles.

Some redesigned for cold weather, others for sizzling summer heat.
Of late, the L C B O has been offering more beer choices.
Some are craft beers, others imported.

Here are some I recommend:

Bourbon Cask Dark Ale, Innis and Gunn, 330 ml $ 3.30
Chechvar B;Dark, 500 ml., $ 2.70
Ball’s Falls Session I P A, Bench Brewing Company, 473 ml, $ 2.95
Premiere, Chimay Pere Trappists, 750 ml., $ 7.45
Brun, Leffe, 6x330ml, $ 15.50
Abt 12, St Bernardus, 750 ml, $ 10.90
Dubbel Westmalle, 330ml, $ 3.25
Oatmeal Stout, St Ambroise, 473ml, $ 2.90
Stout, Cobbelstone, 440 ml, $ 3.15
Dark Lager, Side Launch, 473 ml $ 2.80
Jubilee Amber lager, Thornbury, 473 ml, $ 2.95
Strong, Patrick Bean 600 ml, $ 7.95
Urbock, Creemree Springs, 473 ml, $ 3.05
Dunkel Erdinger, 500 ml, $ 3.35
Lug and Thread, beau’s All Natural Brewery 4x600ml, $ 16.35
Pale Ale, Side Launch, 473ml, $ 2.80
Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada, 6x355ml, $ 15.50

Pair beers with blue cheese on basil-flavoured Triscuits
Sardines on toast
Cold cuts, German breads, French grainy mustard
Pickled eggs
Mortadella and Swiss cheese on farmer’s bread
Wieners with French grainy mustard

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  1. Nice collection, I was not aware of these beers.