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The Complete Sous Vide Cook Book

Sous vide translates to “in vacuum” in French.

Chef-consultant (Prelus) introduced it to minimize the cooking loss of foie gras by traditional techniques.

Over the years, sous vide has gained traction in restaurant and banquet kitchens, as the technique allows mise-en-place for peak periods in restaurants and comes in handy for banquets, improves flavour and yields, also facilitates service.

Chris MacDonald has an impressive cooking background, owned two restaurants in Toronto, and now contemplates more projects.

In this book, based on his long career as chef and restaurateur, he explains in great detail how home-cooks can use sous vide technology to their advantage, especially working parents who like to eat well and at home.

The 175 recipes in this book broken down to meats (meats (beef, lamb, veal, venison, and pork), poultry and rabbit, foie gras and offal, fish and seafood, vegetables, eggs and sweets, sauces and sundries. are relatively easy to cook, and with a little experience can become even more encouraging to master.

The equipment for sous vide is now affordable by most, and are easy to use. They consist of static bath sous vide, or immersion circulator, home sealing unit, and instant-read thermometer.

If you decide to acquire both static batch sous vice and immersion circulator, you can use the latter as a bain marie to hold sauces, soups and solid food in pouches at service temperature. This comes in handy for dinner and parties for the host.

Each recipe is reliable and based on long practical experience. Additional tips with each recipe provides insights to make cooking more precise, enjoyable, and fail-safe.

Plate presentation is not forgotten, as it is important to the enjoyment of food. In all 24 colour plates contribute immensely to the visual enjoyment of this book.

Highly recommended

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