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The complete wild game cookbook

The complete wild game cookbook
The complete wild game cookbook

The complete wild game cookbook

Jean-Paul Grappe
Robert Rose Incorporated, Toronto
384 pages, $ 39.95

The author Jean-Paul Grappe, a chef and restaurateur, created an informative, excellent, and invaluable book about game and game cooking.

In Canada cooks must use “farmed game”, except for First Nations who are allowed to hunt even protected species. For them, it is a matter of survival.

In Europe, game in most cases means wild game, which invariably tastes more distinct and less fatty then “farmed game”.

The book is divided into – information about hunting and game meat, game birds, and recipes, game animal and recipes, marinades, recipes for stock, roux, sauces, techniques, cooking basics, and glossary of game cooking terms.

The photography of plates and of each game is informative, and outstanding.

The Complete Wild Game Cookbook is a valuable addition to every hunter’s collection of cookbooks. It contains 165 recipes, most of which are relatively easy to follow. Professionals should attempt some only.

While true game meat is available to hunters only, chef Grappe cautions several times that game tastes of the food they eat, and occasionally people must pay special attention to avoid cooking certain parts of wild animals due to toxicity.

Framed game meat is now more widely available than two decades ago , and city dwellers seem to be more interested in buying such exotic meats as they contain less fat, offers deeper taste sensations, and are generally more satisfying.

The Complete Wild game Cookbook is a rare gift to anyone interested in gastronomy, cooking, hunters and chefs.

Highly recommended.

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