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Writer – Morten Pedersen – E-mail

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Writer – Hrayr Berberoglu – E-mail – Read his books?

Professor B offers seminars to companies and interested parties on any category of wine, chocolates, chocolates and wine, olive oils, vinegars and dressings, at a reasonable cost.


Writer – Stuart George – E-mail

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Writer – John Bagladi – E-mail

Freelance writer, lecturer & author.


Writer – Rosemary Biggio – E-mail

Phone: (856) 740-4889


Brianne Writer – Brianne – E-mail – is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on health and style. Beside this she is fond of fashion. Recently an article on cold and cough attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on most expensive wine.


Katrina Writer – Katrina Norman – is a freelance writer from England who covers both wine and travel for a number of journals. Whether you’re looking for cheap wine by CityLink delivery or a great place to enjoy a glass of wine, Katrina will point you in the right direction.