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Cork Dork

If you love wine and wondered about the mysteries it contains and the airs of wine experts to know something about it, Cork Dork is essential reading.

Once you have finished reading this erudite book, you will never think about wine quite the same way again.

Reading this book is like sitting down with a brilliant writer for a friendly conversation after work, then suddenly realizing it is midnight and you are still discussing the intricacies of wine.

Cork Dork is an entertaining, informative read for all drinkers and those who do not drink wine, as well as restaurant patrons.

An excellent writer created it with a deep interest in research that took her to California, Germany and South Korea.

She is so taken up by research that she makes it her business to travel to California to visit a wine laboratory that analyses wine and advises bulk wine producers to match the palates of their target markets.

She travels to Germany to discover how olfaction works, and explains in great detail her findings and those of researchers specializing in an important function of the nose.

She works in restaurants to discover how high-priced New York establishments work and how sommeliers sell wine. It is astounding to learn how enthusiastic some wine waiters are, and how well heeled Americans choose their wines.

Bianca Bosker’s description of Court Of Master Sommelier examinations take place outside of New York, ad points out how little consumers know about this fascinating elixir in rural America.

Her revelations are evidence of how some unscrupulous winemakers “correct” their shortcomings and that of nature.

One of the most revealing chapters is that her work in  famous New York wine bar owned and operated by the son of an Italian restaurant owner in Toronto.

Cork Dork is a must read for all wine lovers, for those who enjoy an occasional glass but want to know more, sommeliers ( somm as Americans use the word), wine writers and people who enjoy good witty, and entertaining writing.

Highly recommended.


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