Craft beer breweries of Ontario


In the past decade many craft breweries have come on stream in the province.

All strive to produce “honest” brews employing only suitable water, hops, yeast, and malt as the 1516 Bavarian Purity Edict regulates.

Beers can be lager or ale with several subcategories.

Wheat beers are “soft”, some are infused with fruits, herbs or spices, and are categorized into the subcategory of ales.

Both lagers and ales come in a variety of styles and textures.

Beers can be light, medium, or full bodied; malty, fruity, floral, hoppy, spicy or very dark exuding “roasted” coffee aromas, and tasting of caramel.

Lagers are preferred by continental Europeans, whereas the English, Irish, Scots like ales.

Lager styles are pale (subdivided into North American, American, Czech Republic, or German).

Ale styles are: pale (Indian Pale Ales, English bitter) or dark (oak-aged or not); stouts, wheat beers (Belgian or German style).

Beer enthusiasts enjoy beer from a range of beer glasses designed to provide maximum enjoyment, and match with cheese, all kinds of main courses, and desserts.

The recent proliferation of craft breweries In Ontario can be attributed to increased demand to better tasting, properly brewed beers by young, educated, well-heeled, widely traveled segment of the market

and Ontario government’s encouragement of craft brewing.

In fact, brewing was one of the first major industries of settlers in Quebec and Ontario.

Craft brewers produce mainly ales, some in “virtual” breweries and sell directly to restaurants and the L C B O.

The organization called The Beer Store, requires very high prices for shelving.

Presently there are more than 90 craft breweries in Ontario.

Some of the better- known craft breweries are:

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company
Flying Monkey’s Craft Brewer
King Brewery
Mill Street Brewing Company
Muskoka Cottage Brewery
Neustadt Springs Brewery
Niagara’s Best Brewery
Wellington Brewery

Recently I had an opportunity to taste some craft brewery beers:

Wellington Brewery Lager
Golden colour. Soft, well carbonated and flavourful with a long and pleasant finish.
cans only

Liberty Village Brewing Co.
Saison this Belgian-style brew smells of herbs, is refreshing, deeply flavoured, and unfiltered for extra depth. Refreshing and highly suitable to match with white-fleshed fish in cream sauces.

Barley Days Brewery, Prince Edward County
Golden Harvest Ale
This brewery in P E C sells only bottled beers.
Golden colour, with a white and firm foam. Smooth and layered beer, hopped with Golden and Fuggle hops from England.

Beau’s Brewery
Night Marzen, German inspired, sweetish in mouth with a dry finish.
Packaged in 600 ml bottles four to the pack

Hop Cat Brewery
Big Mouth Pale Ale
Golden colour sweetish but balanced in the mouth with a sweet and bitter finish

Wellington Brewery
Dark Ale roasted coffee bean aromas waft out of the glass. Slightly but pleasantly bitter flavour and refreshing.

Wellington Brewery Pale Ale
The pale ale style was invented by an English brewer to withstand flavour deterioration of ales shipped from England to India in the 17th century.
This ale is golden in colour, well hoped, and carbonated with a fine finish

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