Craft Beer Brewing in Ontario

Craft Beer Brewing
Craft Beer Brewing

True beer aficionados have known for a long time, that properly brewed beers offer more pleasure than North American mainstream beers.

In Ontario Creemore was the first brewery that started brewing beers, and marketed its beer with the best before date prominently printed on the label. It was only available in selected stores, and from the brewery, but available to restaurants and pubs as draught.

In the 1980’s, many small craft breweries came on stream. Some are located at locations with a suitable and abundant supply of water. Others adjust available water to their needs.

Some import their malts, most their hops from Saaz, (Czech Republic), Bavaria, the United Kingdom, Washington State, and British Columbia. When available in season, fresh Ontario hops are used for special effects.

Craft beer brewing has now caught on with the demographics 25 – 35 and 40 plus drinkers who appreciate “true” beers and are willing to pay for quality and taste. There are now more than 160 craft brewers on Ontario, many of which produce their products through contract brewers.

Beau’s All-Natural Brewery, close to Ottawa, brews a good selection of styles which I tasted recently.
All brands are in 650 ml bottles, and mostly packaged 12 bottles to the box.

The biggest seller of Beau’s is Lug Tread Lagered Ale that is fermented using ale yeasts, but is “lagered” like a continental European lager beer.
It is light, with a fine mousse and pleasantly bitter.

Farm Marzen is “bittered” using Perle hopes offering pleasant aromas and slightly bitter and refreshing flavours. It is heavier than Lug Tread and appealing.

Beau’s Oktoberfest reminds me of beers I tasted in Munich at the Oktoberfest many years ago. This copper coloured brand was inspired by the brewers of Munich. It is refreshing, and most appealing.

Gigantic: La Formidable tastes light, spicy ad clean with 6.9 per cent ABV.

Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale tasted herbal with distinct heather aroma. An intriguing beer and very appealing.

Boom Goose Dynamite at 4.6 ABV is a Belgian-style brew flavoured with coriander and touch of salt.

Boghopper Wheat beer is sweet, light, and golden in colour. A fine beer to enjoy on the patio after a hot day.

Helles at 4.6 ABV tastes hoppy, and very appealing. This is a light and refreshing beer on its own, or with lunch.

Burnt Rock is a brew based on heavily roasted malt. It is dark, sweetish, full bodied with a peasant finish.

Hater Gonna Hate is an ale ringing in at 8 ABV from a small brewery. It smells malty, tastes off dry, and is most appropriate with an English Plough Mans’ plate. Available in can only

.All Ontario Craft brewery beers are available at L C B O’s Summerhill and Yonge Store in a newly created section.

You can also order some of The Brew Box Company. This company delivers to your door.

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