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The Cuban Cigar Handbook

Cuban cigars enjoy a worldwide reputation. Cigar smokers interested in the minutia of tobacco growing, curing, sorting, curing, rolling, and packaging, will definitely benefit from this part cigar, part history, and part travelogue.

The research before writing is extensive and was conducted hands-on by smoking many cigars both in Cuba and elsewhere. Each cigar smoking experience is describing in great detail, as is the company that produced it.

The narrative starts with a complete history of Cuban cigars, and continues with stories of celebrated cigar aficionados from Ernest Hemingway, to Rudyard Kipling, to Winston Churchill.

The author also includes a chapter on rum and cigar pairing. In this chapter forgets to mention sugar cane juice-based rums, which can also be successfully paired with a range of cigars.

Winston Churchill was not only a cigar aficionado, but also a devoted drinker of Armenian brandy, which the Soviet government supplied frequently, as well as Pol Roger champagne house on a monthly basis.

There are a few chapters on Cuban landscapes that are still more or less pristine.

This well-illustrated book should be in the library of every cigar smoker as a reference, as the information on every important Cuban cigar manufacturer will come in handy when purchasing from a tobacconist.

Highly recommended.

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