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Cuisine Nicoise

French cuisine is well known and respected all over the world, but most people are blissfully unaware of the fact that Nice, and southern France in general, enjoy their distinct seasonal specialties using home-grown fruits, vegetables, fish from the Mediterranean Sea and every other ingredient that grows or is raised around the region.

Thousands of Britons, Dutch, and now many more Americans buy houses in Core d’Azure to enjoy their retirement in a verdant region with mild winters, glorious summers and unforgettable sunsets.

The author is one of these Americans who loves to cook, writes beautifully, and enjoys researching historical events.

This combination of talents produced Cuisine Nicoise that contains outstanding recipes, artful photography, a background for each recipe, and a little history to liven the writing, and to provide useful information.

Hillary Davis’ perspective on cooking is not new. Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean people always train their offsprings to appreciate and cook as their ancestors. They know that over centuries people developed recipes by using locally grown produce and seasonal ingredients that complement each other.

Traditional recipes deserve to be treasured and preserved.

Hillary Davis relied on her neighbours, chefs in and around Nice, and visited a lot of restaurants to glean ideas occasionally a recipe or two.

The way Cuisine Nicoise is presented will make want to hop on an airplane and travel to Nice to experience what the she explains. Her writing is persuasive.

She crafted a beautiful collection of fine recipes that deserve to be explored by cooking, tasting, discussing and enjoying.

While reading Cuisine Nicoise you will feel as though you are on a gastronomic grand tour of Cote d’Azur.

Get this extraordinary book, try the recipes and plan to visit or better yet, retire around Nice or Cannes.

Highly recommended.

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