Wine Cellar Specialists Designs a Custom Wine Cellar in Chicago

Wine Cellars in Naperville Chicago Illinois Designed by Wine Cellar Specialists

Personalized Wine Cellar Designing in Chicago with Wine Cellar Specialists

Designing a custom wine cellar in Illinois is not an overnight endeavor. There are a lot of things to be considered besides design such as materials to be used, cooling systems to be installed, lighting configuration, etc. All these details have to be discussed and thought of thoroughly because each one will contribute to how your wine collection will be stored. How you plan these details can either protect your beloved wines or destroy them.

Because of the immenseness of the details of wine cellar construction, it is always better to have an expert design the wine storage room. Wine Cellar Specialists specializes in designing and building a quality wine cellar and ensures to walk you through the entire process. This personal approach ensures that the wine cellar designer and the client work together from the start, “design phase” to the completion “installation phase.

The first stage of this wine cellar designing process is a free phone consultation with a personal wine cellar specialist. You will be discussing about your wine collection as well as your personal needs and wants for your wine cellar (e.g. number of bottles you intend to store, wood species you prefer, climate control options, etc.). After this, the wine cellar expert will prepare a free 3D drawing of your desired custom wine cellar in Chicago.

Beautiful Custom Wine Cellars Built by Wine Cellar Specialists in Chicago, Illinois

Wine Cellar Specialists designs and builds not only beautiful wine cellars but also affordable ones. Their experts understand the need for maintaining a standard of elegance in the designing of wine cellars in Chicago without compromising the space’s durability and effectiveness to store wines at the right conditions. One of the projects that they have successfully completed was a wine cellar built in Naperville, Illinois.

Designing the Anil Custom Wine Cellar in Naperville to Meet the Needs of the Client

The client in Naperville wanted to have a residential wine cellar that could cater to 497 wine bottles. One of the toughest challenges that Wine Cellar Specialists faced was the limited space in the client’s house; the area was approximately 3.5’ by 7.75’.


Awesome Custom Wine Cellar Built in Chicago Illinois - Naperville
Show off your beautiful custom wine cellars in Chicago design by an expert!

To accommodate the needs of the client, the wine cellar designers built a wine cellar that included large glass front windows and a clear wine cellar door. These allowed guests to view the beautiful wine racks inside (made from premium redwood). Moreover, a glass rack was installed over the tabletop, which matched the wine racking. A high reveal display row was also built starting from the left wall across the back and continues to the right wall. To make the Anil custom wine cellar even more elegant, a waterfall wine racking was designed and built on both sides, so that the wine bottles may be seen through the windows.


Custom Wine Cellars in Chicago Illinois by Wine Cellar Specialists

An Effective Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed in the Wine Cellar

All custom wine cellars need a good wine cellar cooling systems. Without one, wines could never be stored at the right temperature and humidity. There are various kinds of wine cellar refrigeration units on the market. To know which one is suitable for your wine cellar, you need an expert to calculate the heat load in your wine storage room.

The client in Naperville’s wine cellar was fit to have a Whisperkool XLT 3000 wine cellar refrigeration unit. They unit also had an upgraded PDT thermostat installed in the unit. Units such as these are good for small custom wine cellars. In the Naperville wine cellar, the unit was installed up on the left wall and an adjacent room was also provided to receive the vented warm air.

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