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Customer and Employee Loyalty

Customer and Employee Loyalty
Customer and Employee Loyalty

It used to be that generations of one family would patronize the same restaurant or hotel. Customer loyalty was natural and accepted as a given. Today’s competitive market has changed all that. New hotels with new concepts or more refined service open every month, and people try them out. Wherever the product is better, costumers are attracted.

In today’s market, being customer-focused is key to survival and longevity.

In order to achieve customer loyalty, you as an owner/manager must endure that all your employees are happy.

Happy employees work harder, produce more, serve better, and stay longer with the establishment. Employee turnover is an expensive but unquantifiable financial burden that affects profitability.

It is incumbent upon all hospitality service providers to evaluate their effectiveness. The information can be obtained from customers, employees, suppliers, partners, shopping services and investors.

Here are some questions you should ask:

Is your product satisfactory to your patrons, employees and you?

Are complaints, shortcomings, problems handled to the satisfaction of the customer and quickly? All diners want a quick resolution to his/her complaint.

Service perfection or quality of food is a moving target.

Do you consider ways to improve service and make plans to take your product to the next level?

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