D’Arenberg wines – one of Australia’s finest


After tasting d’Arenberg shiraz wines some years ago, I decided to seek more the.

D’Arendberg’s shiraz from the McLaren Vale fruit in South Australia was not only fruity and multidimensional but had an intensity that is hard to imagine.

Over the years I tasted thousands of wine fro many parts of the

world, but this particular wine tasted sensational.

Arry’s father founded the winery in 1914. Today, his son Chester is the head winemaker and manages the company. The father in his 80’s still potters around in the winery every day to ensure that everything is done as it should be, and according to his beliefs.

D’Arry’s original line fruit comes from dry farmland with yields of 500 kilograms per acre, equivalent to 1250 kilograms per hectare.

The wine is intense, deeply flavoured, and tastes simply delicious.

The winery still uses basket presses with a notable exception that Chester introduced around the turn of the century from 20th to the 21st – foot treading!

D’Arry and Chester believe in pricing their wines reasonably to ensure loyal consumers, and truly considering quality. D’Arenberg’s wines represent good value even with the mark-ups of the L C B O, that by any standard are higher than in most parts of the world.

The Dead Arm Shiraz 2010 is exceptional in its intensity, depth of flavour, and ripe tannins. The finish is remarkably long and pleasant. It should be cellared for at least four to five years for more refinement and elegance.

The Old Vine Shiraz 2001 is exudes lovely aromas of dense berry fruit, leather, cedar and spices. Superbly balanced and refined.

Ironstone Pressings Grenache/Shiraz 2010 smells of sweet blackberries supported by a full-bodied texture and layered flavours. Cellar for 10 years for more elegance and refinement.

Laughing Magpie Shiraz/Viognier, 2010 Fermented both grapes together the wine smells of citrus fruits.

The palate is intense intermingling with ginger and citrus flavours. Still tannic. It should be cellared for at least three to 10 years. If you want enjoy it know pair it with medium rare grilled steaks, or rich beef stews, hard cheeses, game pates.

D’Arry makes wines that are cellar worthy, represent good value and are consistent due to geography.

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