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Dark money

The author details how big industrialists infiltrate political parties and corrupt politicians to prevent legislation from controlling carbon emissions that contributes to climate change,

They claim that business, any kind of business, must produce and sell anything for profit, regardless of the nature of the product.

She researched the subject matter in great detail, and conducted hundreds of interviews with well-informed specialists. Yet, big industrialists who contribute to carbon emissions, declined to be interviewed.

David Koch, one of the Koch brothers, ran for vice president in 1980 and lost. Since then, he has devoted millions of his fortune to ensure that republican nominees win. These efforts were initiated by means of organizations with innocuous names as facades i.e Americans For Prosperity, and Bradley Foundation, just to name two.

The Koch brothers along with their enablers Richard Mellon Scaife (heir to Mellon Bank), John M. Olin (armament producer) and many more have spent millions, if not billions, to date, and continue to spend, in a valiant effort to prevent favourable climate control legislation.

She outlines in straightforward prose how Koch brothers and their enablers have infiltrated the political system in admirable detail.

What is surprising, however, is that she mentions George Soros, a multibillionaire investor and philanthropist, who is also involved politically, has influenced legislators to lower taxes only in passing.

The main thrust of this well researched and brilliant book is to expose how rich polluters ensure to get richer my any means.

Essentially, this is an indictment of American-style democracy solely based on money.

Dark Money is a must read fro every American to understand how democracy in their country works.

Buy it now, before it out of print, read it, shelve it, and re-read it after a few months or a year to refresh your memory and vote accordingly.

Highly recommended.

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