Month: October 2015

Hot weather

Hot weather requires changes in diet

When temperatures start climbing to 25 C and above, it is imperative to change your diet to lighter fare. “Food is medicine” goes the saying, and researchers have determined that it is better to eat more vegetables and fruits than “heavy” meats ( i.e beef, veal, game), whole grain cereal, […]

Food Recipes

Indigenous Cuisines

Native peoples everywhere view themselves as part of nature and the environment. They subsist by harvesting whatever nature provides, and hunt, or fish. Seasons are measured with changing weather, blooming of plants and fauna, and the growth of naturally seeding plants. Women’s encyclopaedic accumulated knowledge of plants, herbs and animas […]

sparkling wines
Wine Wine Reviews

Popular sparkling wines for your enjoyment

Indubitably, sparkling wine consumption has increased by leaps and bounds during the last decade. This is due mostly because of improved flavours, styles, lower prices, and marketing undertaken by prosecco, champagne, and other French sparkling wine producing regions, not to speak of the U.S.A Spain, Ontario in Canada, and Australia. […]

Sophisticated Drinking
Book Reviews

Book Review: The School of Sophisticated Drinking

The favourite alcoholic beverages of Germans happen to be beer and wines. Spirits come next. Few sophisticated Germans like to enjoy cocktails in hotel or specialized bars. Cosmopolitan German cities –Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, offer many opportunities to enjoy expertly cocktails. The authors are bartenders and managers, and embarked […]

Recommended Niagara Peninsula wines
Wine Reviews

Recommended Niagara Peninsula wines

Niagara Peninsula’s 90 plus wineries produce fine wines, pending on vintage. The quality levels have improved appreciably in the last decade, mainly due to world climate warming, grape growing techniques, and winemaking technology. Here are some recommendations. Most are available only at the winery, due to small production. White wines […]