Month: July 2016

Paris Cocktails
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Paris Cocktails

The author, a frequent visitor to Paris, loves cocktails, not any cocktail, but sophisticated cocktails invented by talented bartenders in Parisian bars. Few Americans know that Parisians not only enjoy wine, any type of wine, but also cocktails. Even fewer people know that the American Prohibition forced talented bartenders who […]

Vintages Release
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Wine Tasting July 9 Vintages Release Recommendations

The theme for this release (more than 140 wines) is Smart Summer party and Cool Crisp Cool-Climate Chardonnays. One sweet sherry, one Bourbon, and several rose wines complete the release. Most white wines of this release are light. Some are aromatic, others very “thin” and almost “flavour-free”. The few sparkling […]

Crème Fraiche

Crème Fraiche – the French Luxury

Crème Fraiche Crème fraiche is a silken delight, derived from cow’s milk, by French gourmets with ingenuity only they possess. A good crème fraiche is dreamy – a thick cloud-like cream that is a little nutty liked an aged cheese, and yet still fresh, creamy and heavenly smooth. Sour cream […]

Trier on the Mosel River

Trier on the Mosel River

Trier on the Mosel River Trier with a population of 110000 is located on the Mosel River. It is possibly one of the most charming and walk able cities in Germany. It was founded by Celts late in the fourth century B.C, and was conquered by Romans in the late […]