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Two days gone

The author has created a poetic mystery novel with an interesting theme, characters that grow as the narrative advances with dialogue, fine descriptions, and captivating twists on structure.

Two Days Gone consists of four parts Desire, Deception, Despair, and Discernment.

The story starts a vivid description around Lake Wilhelm in Pennsylvania, where the family of the department head of local university is murdered and the professor disappears.

Sergeant Ryan De Marco of the Pennsylvania State police is put in charge of solving the murder.

During the development of the mystery, several characters are vividly described and analysed in their behaviour, competence of their profession, including a madame who owns and runs a whorehouse disguised as a nightclub.

Thomas Huston, a famous author and professor, one of the main characters and De Marco are described in detail, their behaviour, their actions, and their relationship with their superiors, peers and students.

Sergeant De Marco believes that professor Huston could not, and would not commit such a heinous crime, despite the fact that many of the clues hint that he, most likely, is the culprit.

At the end, after many intriguing twists and turns, De Marco manages to solve the mystery in an unexpected fashion leaving the reader surprised and delighted.

A mystery full of suspense, and which deserves to be read with attention to detail and for its literary style.

Highly recommended.

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