Diet Recommendations for a Prolonged Life.

Long Life

According to the latest scientific research, human beings can live for up to 120 years.
Given the fact that in most western industrialized countries life expectancy ranges from 73 – 85, we must conclude that the way we eat and/or live is shortening our potential length of life.

In many individuals bad cholesterol levels are too high, yet you can at least contain, or even reverse it, by eating  – peas, apples (dried or fresh), ginger, garlic, walnuts, bitter chocolate, sesame-, soy-, sunflower-, linseed oil, vegetables, lots of fish (for protein) olives, broccoli, oregano, mandarins, almonds,, and drink ed wines and green tea.

For a long time people have labelled some foods as aphrodisiac. In reality these so called aphrodisiacs have healthy-giving characteristics more than awakening sexual appetite. Here they are cloves, saffron, ginseng, and thorn apple. You can try any of those, in moderate quantities, but do not be surprised when none works, as popular myth likes us to believe.

It is a good idea to consume a varied diet including whole grain products, potatoes, little cheese, sausages, eggs, fat, and minimize salt intake, at least in moderate climate countries.

In tropical countries salt consumption should be increased as sweat extracts salt from the body.

Consuming one-and-a-half litres of water from all sources should a day. Regularity of meal times is important. Always eat at set times, and at the table with the TV set “off”, and eat very slowly chewing well.

It is very important to abandon a sedentary life style and move at least 60 minutes per day, preferably longer should be standard practice.

Cooking at low temperatures is recommended to preserve vitamins and other nutrients. Ideally, raw food consumption should constitute a large part of your diet.

If you follow the above, ad minimize you ford intake, you are mostly likely to add 20 – 30 years to your life expectancy.

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