Differences between home cooking and processed foods


The term home cooking aka from scratch means everything from natural ingredients, and no additives or preservatives.

In fine restaurants all soups are (in some cases), were prepared using bones and high quality ingredients. It is never mentioned on the menu, but understood by all that in high-end restaurant soups and made using homemade stock. Patrons of fine restaurants have enough gourmet food experience to distinguish between homemade and processed stock.

On restaurant menus the term “home cooked” is far from the truth, since a lot of ingredients now can be purchased semi-prepared or semi-cooked and “finished” in the kitchen. Does this mean, “home cooked?

A very large coffee shop company operating shops coast to coast to coast in Canada produces all its doughnuts in one plant, semi-baked, and supplies them frozen to all its outlets. They are then simply re-thermalized, and cooked.

You can imagine their texture and taste!

Yet millions eat them every day either because they don’t know any better, or out of convenience.

There are only a few restaurants that actually prepare French fries from stretch. A properly cut and cooked French fry tastes far superior to any that is purchased frozen.

Practically, all restaurants and most of the banquet halls in North America buy all their desserts either frozen, or from local shops “fresh”.

Some suppliers deliver high quality at a price, but the vast majority use inferior quality ingredients, and preservatives, especially more salt than necessary for their entrees that may be semi-cooked and frozen.

Truly fresh, expertly prepared, and artistically presented food tastes much better, and those who distinguish between high quality tasty food and just “fuel” fort the stomach must be prepared to pay.

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