Differences Between Rabbit and Hare.


Gastronomically rabbit in North America never gained the prominence it enjoys in Europe.

This nocturnal animal is at home in Western Europe and northwestern Africa; migrating humans into the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and North America introduced it.

Rabbits burrow and are nocturnal.

Hares live in the wild and tend to be bigger than rabbits, which are now domesticated and slow in their movements.

When faced with danger hares run fast, and have strong muscles and tough texture. Their flesh is firmer, and tastes gamy, whereas that of rabbits resemble more that of chicken but softer in texture.

Fryers weigh less than 12 weeks old, weigh 650 – 2000 grams, roasters over 2 kilograms.

Roast rack of rabbit figures prominently on many European restaurant menus, but seldom in North America.

Hare stews are enjoyed by hunters and go well with robust and well-structured wines from Cotes du Rhone, Languedoc, Washington State, Sonoma County and Napa valley.

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