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Direct Energy is the worst company imaginable

Direct EnergyDirect Energy is in the business of installing, and servicing water heaters and furnaces.

I subscribed to their maintenance contract for several years and never needed any service.

In 2013 when temperatures dropped in Toronto unusually low, my furnace ceased to function. When I called for service at first they offered to send someone in two hours, and then changed it to six hours.

I had to call a private company for the repair and paid, for it as the temperatures were dropping constantly.

I demanded the up-front paid fees and by some quirk the company returned the $ 200.00 to insist later for me to repay.

I refused and wrote the company president.

My letter remains unanswered to this day in 2014.

Company representatives’ harassed by phone for more than four months

Direct Energy is the worst service provider imaginable.

Some obscure individual who doesn’t even possess the decency to answer messages and letters in Dallas, Texas, manages the head office.

Direct Energy must be boycotted and publicized for handling contracts in bad faith.

If you have a contract with this company cancel is now and never even contemplate to subscribe to any service it provides and/or advertises.

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Enercare (Formerly Direct Energy)
The company has changed its name since its service is abominable and a large number of dissatisfied customers have cancelled their counteracts.

The company is now advertising heavily trying to get back some of the lost business. Don’t fall for it. It is still the same company with terrible service.

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