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Doctor Goebbels

Most historians agree that Doctor Goebbels was most intelligent, friendly and soft in private, and but also the most dangerous, and manipulative of all Nazi ministers.

He comes from a family of modest means, and depended on stipends from charitable organizations to study and obtain his doctorate.

As a motivated, and tireless politician, he managed to found the Reich Chamber of Culture, was appointed as the Gauleiter of Berlin, and is the architect of the complex machinery of nazi propaganda, both in the country and abroad.

He was close to Hitler, and constantly tried to be appointed to higher positions but to no avail.

Due to a botched surgery in his youth, he had a deformed leg, and limped. This deformity may have contributed to his unceasing drive to work and advance his career, regardless of how devastating his decisions to the population at large, particularly to that of the Jewish minority in Germany.

Hitler surrounded himself with pliable individuals who could be relied on to conform, regardless of the stupidity of his decisions, and implement his evil ideas and objectives.

Both authors have accomplished through extensive research in both official and available private documents. This in-depth research enabled them to write a book that covers the minute, but important details of World War II.

This is an incredible read, describing in detail a narcissist who, during his working hours, gave orders for death sentences, but played with, or entertained his children at night.

Doctor Goebbels contributed largely to the evil deeds of the Nazi regime.

This is a book all history buffs, modern politicians everywhere, and the population at large to prevent such a dictatorial and evil government to ever exist.

Highly recommended.

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  1. It is always inspiring to read a book like this, which is full of struggle and success.