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Paul Mas

Greek traders of antiquity were the first to plant vineyards in Languedoc on the Mediterranean coast of France.

Romans extended vineyards and shipped huge quantities of wine to Rome for their senators, politicians, and the rich and wealthy.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Languedoc produced huge quantities of inferior quality wine that few were willing to drink. The French government was obliged to buy the surplus and distil it to commercial alcohol.

Around the turn of the century, young and ambitious winemakers decided to plant noble grape varieties in an attempt compete with famous, but expensive wines from other French regions.

Gradually, Bordeaux, and Burgundy wineries bought land and planted vineyards, creating brands that now compete on world markets.

Paul Mas estates is one of the best in Languedoc producing wines from the following properties – Chateau Paul Mas, Mas des Tannes, Chateau Cres Ricards, Domaine Astruct and Chateau Martinolles.

There are several brands at different price points. All Paul Mas wines are well made, balanced, and represent good value.

The restaurant at the Chateau Paul Mas called Cote Mas Table et Vins is managed by a Japanese chef, Taichi Megurikami and serves inspired specialties that complment the wines of the estate.

For white wines chardonnay, marsanne, viognier, grenache blanc, and sauvignon blanc are the main varieties and for reds, cabernet sauvignon, grenache, merlot, and mourvedre are preferred.

Recently, Paul Mas, the winemaker and manager of the estate visited Toronto to conduct a tasting of some of his wines.

Sauvignon Blanc, 2012, smells of gooseberries emanate from the glass. The wine is rich and viscous, smooth and balanced.

Belluguette, 2012, Chateau Paul Mas aromatic, full bodied, balanced with a long aftertaste

Oenothera, 2011 a blanc of syrah, and grenache this superb red wine smells of blackberries, is intense, full-bodied and well balanced.

Cabernet Sauvingon/Merlot, 2012, Paul Mas Estates this cabernet/merlot blend has a smoky aromas, is well structured and intense.
Available at the L C B O general list $ 14.95

Note the same wine of the 2010 vintage tastes more refined. It will be available at the L C B O shortly.

Clos Des Mores, 2009, Chateau Paul Mas, a blend of syrah, grenache and mourvedre exudes ripe stone fruit aromas, is well extracted, powerful, full-bodied with a long and satisfying aftertaste.
Recommended for medium-rare grilled steaks, beef stews, and otehr flavoruful dishes.

Paul Mas wines are represented by Authentic Wines and Spirits Merchants in Ontario
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