Drink wine and reach new level in life.


There is no replacement for living a good quality life speckled with the right doses of exercise, discipline, good habits and a well balanced diet. However, wine, both the red and white variants, have been found by researchers across the globe to be one wonder drink, that when taken in appropriate quantity, can help to attain a more healthier and vibrant living for us. From its medical, to psychological as well as social, wine has been considered over so many centuries as the perfect toast to a good health.

1. Aging Issues

The heavy dose of antioxidants present in wine soaks off all the damaging free radicals of the body system, which cause aging and disease in our body. Furthermore, Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard medical school, professor of genetics has explained in his recent experiments that sirtuins, which are a group of genes responsible for protecting against ageing, are activated by the compound called resveratrol present in the skin of grapes. In making wine both the skin and seeds of the grapes are fermented enhancing the effects to the drink while in grape juice the skin gets separated taking away all the good effects of the grapes. Thus, the researcher claims that drinking a glass of wine every day, whether red or white, makes you look five years younger than a teetotaler.

2. Messiah for weak hearts

For generations the Mediterranean diet was considered one of the most heart friendly diets. The key lies in the regular consumption of red and white wine along with fruits and vegetables. Decoding this usefulness of wine, researchers and scientist have proven that bio-active chemicals like polyphenols, flavanoids, procyanidins, etc, found in red wine prevents cellular damage, fat accumulation and blood clotting that in turn goes to keep the heart more healthy under normal circumstances. The American Heart Association journal supports this finding and says that red wine and non-alcoholic wine increases the levels of nitric oxide in our body that helps decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Furthermore, it relaxes the blood vessels and they pump more blood to our heart and organs.

3. Protects against cancer

The red wine specifically is well endowed with oxidants that are anti-carcinogenic. Furthermore, it prevents cell damage and is also curative to cancer causing elements in our body. The resveratrol present in red wine and tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol in white wine has been proved to be preventive against formation of tumors leading to various types of cancer like breast cancer, colon cancer, esophageal cancer, etc. Researchers in UK also claimed that the oak used to age wine helps protect against the risk of lung cancer.

4. Skin benefits

Dermatologists and researchers across the globe have noted that the antioxidant enzyme present in red wine called resveratrol, tyrosol, polyphenols, and hydroxytyrosol protects DNA from damage and renews cell formations. Additionally, moderate consumption of wine is seen to enhance the bone mineral density of men and women causing healthier bones and firmer lifestyle. It also protects the skin from UV light rays.It also strengthens cross linking of collagens thus, keeping a check on our fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Cures to many lifestyle diseases

Consuming a glass of wine everyday is shown to enhance the levels of HDL cholesterol or commonly called the good cholesterol in our body. This further removes the bad cholesterol and prevents formation of plaques in our arteries. Wine is also been noticed to protect from type 2 diabetes and breaking up of sugar in the blood levels.

6. Lowers brain degenerations

The other striking quality in wine is its potential ability to stimulate the brain with the help of acetylcholine that keeps the brain ticking more effectively. Moreover, resveratrol increases blood flow to the brain causing it to remain more active and flushed. Moderate wine drinkers have been noticed to be more active with their brain functioning as it reduces risk of dementia, Parkinson’s disease. While having wine with food, chemicals responsible for such diseases are released in our stomach from meat. Wine actually removes such toxic chemicals from affecting our body and leading to such brain degenerative diseases.

7. Reduced risk of cataracts

Wine has certain anti-oxidant and anticoagulant properties that prevent cataract formations and other vision defects popular in aging people.

8. Helps resist tooth decay

Nonalcoholic red wine has been studied to counteract the antibacterial effects of the tooth. A group of chemicals called proanthocyanidins, present in red wine could be beneficial to stop certain bacteria to attack the tooth gums and keep it healthier. However, too much wine consumption has been noted to cause teeth staining in adults.

9. Optimal levels of social functioning

Compared to consuming other alcoholic drinks, wine drinkers have been seen to have more positive social and psychological functioning. Epidemiological studies show that the psychiatric symptoms, personality, IQ levels and health related behaviors are far better in a moderate wine drinker compared to a beer drinker.

10. Helps in weight management

Researchers have noted that a single glass of wine for five to six days in a week attributes to digestive health of the body. Moreover, when consumed alongside fatty foods like red meat or high protein or fiber rich foods, the polyphone enzymes in wine helps break down the fats of the food and promotes good bacteria in the digestive tract of out body. This in turn enhances the body metabolism to burn fatty food more easily and maintains fat content in our body.

Wine with all its good qualities definitely scores higher than most other alcoholic drinks. But there are also other ways to incorporate a healthier lifestyle than end up with a drink every day. Alcohol, with no exception to wine, is best had in moderation and restricted to celebrations only. Even though French women swear by their cheese-and-wine techniques for their near-perfect looks and health, still the key lies in moderation and staying away from any form of chemical dependency for enjoying a healthy stress-less life.

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