Some Easy Ways to Make Your Own Kit Wine.


The cost of wine has been rising everyday and most people have turned to making their own wine. You can easily make wine on your own using two different ways. You can either use a natural fruit or use a wine kit. Out of these two, kit wines are getting more popular as they are inexpensive. Moreover, the risk of getting spoiled is lesser than wine made of natural fruit. Different people have different tastes and there are many types of kits available in red, white or rose varieties. The whole process is straightforward and a person can easily make his own wine by using some simple equipment.

How To Make A Wine Kit On Your Own

1) There are many books on how to make wine at home by Make Tasty Wine. You can refer any of these if you face any problems. However, we will give you some simple steps in this article so that you do not face any difficulties. First of all, you will have to prepare a sterilizing solution. You can do this by crushing Campden tablets and mixing them in one pint of water. Using hot water is advisable. Wash and rinse the bung, airlock, carboy and funnel in this solution.

2) The next step is to pour wine concentrate into the carboy. According to the directions mentioned in the kit, add sugar, water and any additives. Mix them well and let them stay in a room till the temperature rises to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Now sprinkle some yeast on the wine and mix it well. The carboy should be sealed with the airlock and bung. Fermentation will take two to three weeks. Till then, let the wine stand in a room so that bubbles do not escape from the airlock. A finish agent should be added to the wine. Now, you should move the wine to a cooler room and let is stand for about three weeks. This will help the sediment to settle down at the bottom, leaving clear wine.

3) Wash the wand, wine bottle and siphoning tube with a sterilizing solution. You should also soak the corks in this solution. The carboy should be placed on a table. Make sure you do not disturb the sediment. The next step is to pour the wine into a wine bottle. You should carefully use a funnel, wand and siphoning tube to do so. Make sure sediment is not disturbed and does not mix with clear wine. One end of the siphoning tube should be in the vessel about half way down. Gently suck on the open end and place it in the wine bottle so that wine starts flowing in it. When the level of the carboy drops, push the tube further into the vessel. However, do not touch the sediment.

4) Once the bottle is filled, cork it and preserve. Although your wine is now ready to be served, almost all books on how to make wine at home by Make Tasty Wine suggest that you should preserve the wine for six months before serving.

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