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Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better

The author suffered terrible pains caused by a herniated disk. Doctors said that they could operate to relieve at least some of the discomfort but there was no guarantee.
She then discovered the alkaline –style life which healed her completely.

The narrative explains how she gradually converted to an alkaline-style life.

In revealing lists she provides information about alkaline foods from alfalfa grass sprouts, mildly alkaline foods (aubergine to zucchini, fruits, coconuts, nuts, almond butter, pine nuts, olive oils (evoo (extra virgin olive oil) and others. Grains – buckwheat to navy beans.

There is also a long list of acidic foods that one should avoid.

The book emphasises a vegetarian diet, but advises that switch must be accomplished gradually, and above all, not stick to the alkaline diet slavishly. Ingredients she recommends in her more than 100 recipes are widely available in mainstream, grocery stores in large North American cities. A few must be bought from health food stores, or on-line.

Her alkaline food pyramid recommends drinking 12 – 16 cups of filtered water daily, and consuming leafy greens, colourful vegetables, and low-sugar fruits.

Seed, healthy oils, and nut consumption should figure in limited quantities and alkaline minerals only in adequate quantities. The author emphasises the importance of restful sleep and explains how it can be achieved without resorting to sleeping pills or other types of medication.

The recipes she provides are easy to follow, yet imaginative and nutritious. A lentil with creamy eggplants is one of the many that anyone with interest in cooking and healthy food can muster.

The photography in this excellent boo is exemplary.

Highly recommended.

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