Book Reviews

Eat Delicious

The author is former touring musician and self-taught cook who mastered the art of cooking admirably well.

Coking is an art and science. While many cooks master the science, few can master the art part. Dennis Prescott ahs mastered both.

As a touring-musician he had to rely alternately on take-out, and convenience foods. Unfortunately convenience food lacks flavour and in most cases contains too much sodium.

He decided to experiment with cooking and discovered his talent to combine compatible ingredients, which led to developing recipes.

All 125 of them in this well-laid out book are relatively easy to cook with minimal skill.

Dennis Prescott also accomplished the art of photography and created all the pictures that will help readers with plating.

The recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, side dishes, and desserts are well thought out, and include brioche doughnuts, fried feta bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich, super spicy Dan Dan noodles, garam masala beer mussels, matcha mint chip ice cream, and much more.

Eat Delicious is an excellent book for all like tasty, appealing dishes, and are interested in cooking nutritious healthy and food.

Highly recommended.