There is nothing wrong with eating insects

eating insects
Western European, North- and South American cultures categorically reject the idea of eating insects. They consider eating insects revolting, yet millions of Far Eastern and African people eat insects. Some out of necessity, others as luxury.

North African prisoners eat insects that they catch in their cells to compensate for their protein shortage. Insect farming can alleviate protein shortage, and these creatures multiply fast, so that both producers and consumers benefit. Overcoming traditional values and thinking is the main issue.

I remember well how students reacted, almost three decades ago, when they were offered fried caterpillars, or chocolate covered ants for educational purposes. Some would not touch them, others reluctantly tried one and said nothing, but I could see on their faces that they found the taste revolting and texture wanting. A few enthusiastically ate several and indicated they would eat again if the cost was low, and insects were available in grocery stores.

Wasps, crickets, beetles, grasshoppers, and many other insects can be breaded and deep fried, or simply pan fried, or salted and dried. Japanese and Chinese eat all of them and more. There is even a book on strange delicacies and which I reviewed on this site two years ago!

The only thing that prevents most western people from eating insects is the inculcated idea, or tradition that protein comes only from meat, fish, or poultry.

Millennia or a few hundred years ago, no one would have dared to crack open an oyster, cut the top of a living sea urchin, or throwing a lobster into boiling water or for that matter bake them alive. Today, all these cooking methods are considered acceptable, and all are regarded as delicacies and sold at very high prices.

Although insects are now plentiful, if millions start eating them, there could be an imbalance of supply and demand, which would lead to farming. This could help thousands, if not millions of protein-deficient people.

If two billion people can survive eating insects you could too. People lost or trapped in forests, or on the banks of rivers have eaten insects, and survived.

Wilderness survival experts recommend that you seek out insects when in perilous circumstances.

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