Enjoy the best cuisine while staying in villas.


Italy is a very beautiful place; one can come here for spending romantic vacations with partner. The place is very famous for its great wines and mouthwatering dishes; one can enjoy candlelight dinners with loved one. The best way to enjoy this aspect of Italy is to choose Dolce Vita villas for staying; these villas are very much popular and liked a lot by the tourists for their excellent services. Here are some of the best food joints where one can taste the best food cuisines while staying in the villas:

Conca d’Oro: Best thin crust pizzas are served here from 1960, the tastes of these pizzas are out of this world. Creative toppings are used with loads of cheese, the place is perfect to relax and taste the delicious pizzas.

Naranzaria: In this restaurant, one can enjoy the fusion food here; fine local wines can be tasted with delicious sushi and Venetian-style cicheti. The ambience is great and the metro music adds with friendly people all around.

Bocca di Dama: Fresh bakery products can be tasted here, cakes, pastries, breads, etc. are the specialties.

Ashoka: For tasting the best Indian curries and other food items, this is the restaurant which is a must to visit.

La Botticella: The place offers great roman dishes, spaghetti with deep fried vegetables are the most liked by the people.

Enopolis: Enjoy the international wines with different varieties of fresh fish items. The interior is full of ancient and contemporary art works and makes the place very interesting to visit.

Vedova: The best place to enjoy true Venetian dishes, pastas, salads, meatballs, etc. are the most sellable items and the rates are very reasonable.

Trattoria La Foglia: A wide range of different food items are offered on the menu list of this place, fresh breads, seafood and vegetables can be enjoyed here with the loved one.

Al Nono Risorto: Taste the best Italian pizzas with crisp thin crusts and fresh toppings and loads of cheese; the place makes the pizza eating experience very amazing.

Hostaria Da Franz: For seafood lovers, a perfect place, here on can enjoy different varieties of seafood dishes served hot at good rates.

Babette: For vegetarians, this place is a heaven; enjoy the best and very creative dishes made by fresh ingredients. The ambience is very friendly which can be enjoyed by sipping the great wines.

The  Dolce Vita Villas helps in enjoying the trip in the best way as it offers privacy, great amenities and facilities. All these things make the stay a memorable one, it is always suggested to book these villas in advance as many couples like to book them. So by making advance bookings from online sites one can ensure availability without any problems and can enjoy different aspects of Italy.

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