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Enjoy Delicious Seafood on your Trip.


Seafood is considered to be an exotic item on any menu card. It is also an important source of protein and various seafood items like clams, squids, lobsters, seaweeds are an expensive addition to the menu, yet are considered to be great delicacies around the world. Each place has its own distinct flavour that they put on the seafood items; so for all of those who love traveling and experiencing new cuisines, trying out the various delicious seafood of the world will be a novel experience.

Blaff on a Caribbean Cruise

The Caribbean is always a place to visit and is known for their marvelous beaches and sea food. Blaff is a well known Caribbean seafood, and is prepared using lime juice, hot peppers, garlic and then is poached in marinade. It is considered to be a summer delicacy so that the flavour of lime can be appreciated to the full extent.

Boulettes de Poisson of Senegal

A trip down to Africa is always on the cards for wildlife enthusiasts. Other than the scenic beauty, Africa is well known for its seafood cuisine, and boullets de passion is a preparation worth trying. It is a simple dish of fried fish, rolled in balls, in their famous spicy tomato sauce and is generally served with vegetables and rice.

Vietnamese Ca Kho To

East Asian seafood cuisine is one of the famous in the world, and Vietnam is fast emerging as one of the places to visit for those who like the offbeat. The fish is cooked in clay pots with their famous caramel sauce, and deep molasses and have a coffee tone to it.

Chile’s Caldillo de Congrio

For all those wishing to scale the Andes, Chile is the place to be. But you have to make sure that you try out the famous caldillo de congrio, a seafood preparation made of red conger eel, paprika, garlic, white wine, fish stock.

Classic Canadian Cedar Plank Salmon

Canada has everything that a travel enthusiast could ask for – mountains, lakes, forests, sea, thrills and along with it good food. The cedar plank salmon is a very standard dish, but it is the quality of salmon that makes you want more. The salmon is just grill roasted with salt and pepper and fresh herbs and is a simple yet a celebrated item over the world.

American Clambake

America till date is one of the most sought after destinations, and with its varied cuisine, it usually is on everyone’s list. The clambake preparation is its famous seafood item, made out of seaweed, lobsters and clams without the Traslochi (movers) of their shells, along with potatoes and other vegetables. It is mainly cooked in butter.

The Queen’s Fish and Chips

Off course when you are traveling to England, you must try out the classic fish and chips, without which your trip to England will be left incomplete. The fish are mixed with a batter of flour and egg yolk and fried and are then served with chips. Even though not very fancy, it remains till date one of the most celebrated seafood item in the world.

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