Enjoy tour in Venice and taste the delicious seafood.


Venice is one of the most romantic place, people come here for spending romantic vacations. There are many locations which can be seen during the trips, for making the sightseeing more convenient many different tours in Venice are organized by the various travel companies. These tours help in locating the different areas, things, etc in an easy way, other than the sightseeing tours there are food tours also. In these food tours, one can go to the different food joints for tasting the best dishes of Venice. Here are some of the best seafood joints where one can taste the delicious dishes:

Hostaria Da Franz: It is a much known place in Venice, the seafood lovers can taste the mouth watering dishes made by the fresh ingredients like cuttlefish made in black ink and grilled fillet with surprising elements.

Trattoria alla Madonna: A very classy place where the waiters are dressed in white jackets with black tie. This restaurant was opened in 1954, and still the same menu is served. People come here to taste the traditional seafood dishes like grilled fish, clams, cuttlefish eggs, etc. served with great wines. The taste of every food item is extra ordinary and the rates are good.

Boccadoro: Enjoy the fried fish with vegetables in this restaurant; all the ingredients used here are fresh.

Do Farai: A neighborhood restaurant always packed with people as it serves great dishes like mussels and sweet prawns, sardines, prawns and sole in the tangy Venetian marinade, pasta with clams, sea bass served with aromatic lemon, etc. All these delicious seafood dishes can be enjoyed by sipping different varieties of cocktails.

Osteria Penzo: Good local dishes can be tasted here; the place is very simple and serves tasty seafood at good rates.

Osteria Giorgione: Perfect place to hang out with friends; try the starter which is a big bowl of mussels with onion and capsicum with wine.

Osteria da Alberto: The place welcomes with very medieval time period décor but offers finger licking food stuff, the specialties are crispy Venetian seafood fry, seasonal cicheti, pannacotta with strawberries, etc. and are a must to try.

Trattoria San Basilio: Prawns, squid, baccalà mantecato, grilled bream and sarde in saor can be enjoyed with a glass of fragolino which is a strawberry flavored wine.

Alle Testiere: A very small dining area where delicious fish dishes can be tasted with pasta courses.

Trattoria Giorgione: One can enjoy great seafood risotto and other platters while listing the old Venetian songs sung by the local icon and restaurant owner.

Busa alla Torre: The menu offers many different varieties of seafood, one can select as per the taste.

All the above seafood joints can be explored during the tours in Venice, it helps in tasting the amazing food cuisine of the place in an easy way.


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