Enjoying Bordeaux While Relaxing.

Enjoying BordeauxEnjoying Bordeaux

Americans are now enjoying more than ever before and statisticians forecast that the USA will be biggest wine consuming country in a few years.

This will be the result of an ever growing population, helped by moderately increasing per capita consumption, but more importantly, concerted marketing efforts of wineries, and associations they have formed. The average per capita consumption is still relatively low (10 litres or a little more than one case of 12 bottles of 750 ml.).

Although most states of the union produce wine, California is the leader in quantity and arguably in quality as well. Other notable states are Oregon, Washington, and New York, possibly Texas in the next decade, or a bit alter.

While more wine is being produces and consumed, imports have reached unprecedented levels from many countries notably from France, Italy, Australia, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and New Zealand.

Connoisseurs who taste many wines and enjoy them almost daily, appreciate red Bordeaux because of its delicacy, balance of fruit and bouquet, refinement, mouth feel and evolution. To appreciate, a classified red Bordeaux of a good vintage, (more about classification a little later), as it really is, you must leave it or cellar to mature at least five years, preferably longer, pending on the quality and characteristics of the vintage, after which time a strange transformation occurs in

the bottle. The grape aroma and flavour characteristics retreat, leaving first the growing region, then the village, then the vineyard and finally the soil itself in the foreground.

It is this notion of terroir (combination of soil, climate, vineyard aspect, and slope) that actually differentiates a wine from the next.

This notion led to the 1855 Bordeaux classification that led to the creation of a list graduating in a different order of importance, from first growth to fifth growth, and cru bourgeois and cru artisanal.

The top group of chateaux consisted originally of four properties (Chateau Lafite, Chateau Latour, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Haut Brion). In 1970’s a fifth was added by promoting Chateau Mouton Rothschild from the top of the second growth to the first.

The 1855 classification also included the sweet wines of Sauternes.

Classified Bordeaux wines can be appreciated with food, or without to contemplate their organoleptic qualities, but there are no requirements to follow widespread practice.

You can sip fine Bordeaux while playing casino online at home or any other type of on-line entertainment. However, you must be careful with the quantity of consumption. Never overindulge.

The best way to enjoy fine red Bordeaux, is to select a clear glass with a large bowl and wide mouth, and fill it only one third of its capacity. Make sure the temperature is 16 – 18 C (65 – 68 F) to appreciate all its aroma and flavour.

You will find a properly cellared red Bordeaux from a good vintage, if consumed as described above, will help you enjoy the occasion better than otherwise.

Enjoying Bordeaux

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