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The Essential New York Times Book of Cocktails

This outstanding book containing 31 chapters features 17 writers. Each has contributed several short informative pieces about the drinks in the chapter, i.e Bloody Mary contains four short articles and five versions of the cocktail. Champagne on the other hand has six contributions and 11 recipes.

If you like cocktails, or are a dedicated bartender, this is the only cocktail recipe book you need.

It contains so much relevant and interesting information that will allow you to converse with any professional intelligently.

Bartenders serve hundreds of people daily. Some of the customers are devour cocktail drinkers, who like to chat with bartenders, and in some cases regular patrons think of their favourite bartender as their “shrink” and would even divulge personal information they wouldn’t think of mentioning even to their views.

Bartenders must know a lot about everything, especially politics, sports, “medicine”, and god know what else.

Americans love bars, and they are dedicated cocktail drinkers. Some are so specific that when they order a Manhattan they specify the brand of rye in their cocktail.

Regularly, a Manhattan is a cocktail of whiskey (in Canada bartenders use Canadian whisky, if the guest does not specify otherwise, in the U S A Bourbon is employed and in the United Kingdom Scotch).

The true Manhattan drinker specifies.

This book is for the cocktail aficionado who makes a point of enjoying the drink according to his/her beliefs.

There are hundreds of cocktail recipe books examining the subject matter from different angles and informing the reader according to the author’s objective and anticipated audience.

The essential New York Times Book of Cocktails is most likely THE only cocktail book you really need today.

If you like cocktails or work as a bartender, or a hotel or a restaurant management student, buy it, study it, read it from time to time and keep it as a reference.

Highly recommended.

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