Europe’s most famous theme park.

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The growth of long haul travel resulted in many Europeans crossing the Atlantic. Often their destination was Florida, and Orlando became the number one target. That was because it was the home of Walt Disney World. The quality of the attractions was plain to see. It might have superficially been a children’s park but there was plenty to attract adults, a good example being the Epcot Centre.

Sebastian Grunwald

It was a concept that had scope for expansion and that happened both on the other side of the world in Japan but also in Europe, on the outskirts of Paris. It did not have the climatic advantages of Florida but the Parisian climate is good enough for long parts of the year. In addition, the huge numbers already visiting the French Capital suggested it was an ideal area for development. It has proved to be a wise decision, winning the vote over Spanish alternatives that had a better climate on offer.

The beauty of Paris

The advantage of Paris was the proximity of a huge population; 68m people were within four hours’ driving time and 300m a two hour flight away or less.

Disneyland Paris tickets can be bought in advance of the trip. This is a popular attraction with the restaurants designed to cater for up to 14,000 visitors an hour. When it opened there were 5,800 hotel beds and that is predicted to rise to over 18,000 by 2017. Many people take the view they want to be close by so that they can maximise their time to see everything. This is not something for a day trip.

Top attractions

Disney’s own assessment of the main attractions lists the top five:

  • It’s a Small World which takes visitors by boat through the attraction which presents the music of the world
  • Mission 2: Big Thunder Mountain which is a ride for all but the very young
  • Big Thunder Mountain which features the Wild West
  • Pirates of the Caribbean along the theme of the popular movies
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast inspired by the film Toy Story 2.

There is plenty more on offer for the whole family, so much so that more people visit than go to any other attraction in the whole of Europe. It therefore makes booking a sensible option and as ever the Internet is the place to find out more about the attractions and obtaining tickets to see them.

In terms of transport there are regular services on Eurostar from St.Pancras as well of course good rail links to and from the centre of Paris and Strasbourg. Disney thinks of everything and hotel guests have a free shuttle service to and from their hotels.

It is truly an experience for anyone that has not visited the USA and indeed for those that have because things always move on. There is plenty of information online about the things to see and about how to buy tickets before you travel. It is something for all the family to enjoy.

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